How Do Children Envision Scripture Stories?

How Do Children Envision Scripture Stories?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reader Update


Confused?  ;)  I hope not!  Although this is a work in progress, I'm moving along at approximately the same pace as my primary group of children are, in their reading assignments.  So, we will be finished with the Book of Mormon in December, and I hope to begin the New Testament (here) in January 2012.  Meanwhile, I'm also trying to play catch-up with the first half of the Book of Mormon, since I started this project in Mosiah.

If you're looking for 1st Nephi through Mosiah, it's not here yet!  :)

The posting dates do not match up at all.  I deliberately change the posting dates so that the posts will fall in order of the actual scriptures, rather than in the order that I am posting the stories here.  So if you are searching for Alma 22, you can either enter "Alma 22" in the search box, or enter "Aaron" in the search box, or "King Lamoni" or some other key word from that chapter; or, you can just go to "older posts" at the bottom of the page, and keep clicking on "older posts" at the end of each page until you get to the page you need. 

I hope to make this more user friendly as I learn how!  :)

I just started this for my own kids, and now people are reading it, so I need to make it easy for others to navigate.  Thanks for stopping by!

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